Testimonials - My Happy Skin
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Fatima Almansouri

Dr. Betsy is excellent and very gentle, transparent, clear and very convincing with her scientific explanations of her procedures.

Mohamed Zahid

The doctor is very informative of her procedures and medication prescribed. I highly recommend Dr.Betsy for any individual with skin problems.

Penny Den Hertog

It’s always a pleasure to come to this clinic and especially Dr.Betsy.


My experience of Coolsculpting procedure was great. The staff were very friendly and I would recommend everyone to come here and do the Coolsculpting by Dr.Betsy. Thank You.

Latifa Al Mazrouei

I would highly recommend Dr.Betsy. She knows what course of treatment would be best for her patient and is very knowledgable.


Dr.Betsy is amazing. She’s an expert in all her treatments especially when it comes to Fillers, Botox, Lasers and PRP. I am very happy with my results.


I have tried many products and regimes to treat my acne but nothing worked for my skin. So,I decided to consult Dr.Betsy Narayan. Amazingly,after just 2 weeks of following the prescription and diet that she gave, my skin became clearer. One thing that I really liked about the treatment is that it is easy to follow and gentle too. KUDOS !

Hiba AlTuniji

Dr. Betsy is very kind, professional, excellent and caring with her service delivery. Also I liked the smile on everyone’s face.

Antoinette Chorlton

From start to finish it was a lovely experience. Dr. Betsy explained and recommended the best procedure suited to me and ensured I was comfortable at all times.

Lateefa Ahmed AlAmeri

The staff is great when dealing with patients especially my dear Amanie.Dr.Boutros is very dignified and efficient.Dr.Betsy is great at her work and all the medical team functions very well together.Thank you.

Fatma Al Ali

This clinic is great with a great service and it has a very good staff which meets best expectations.I wish to say that Dr.Betsy is just the best!


I did my PRP recently with Dr.Betsy and it was an awesome experience.Dr.Betsy is the best dermatologist in the town

Lorena Gonzalez

The place is really nice,the people at the clinic were very friendly and Dr.Betsy was very kind.