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Nail Care

Nail Care

Welcome to another episode of My Happy skin with Dr.Betsy. We’re getting some amazing mails with lots of interesting questions so don’t forget to subscribe and send in yours…you could be a lucky winner.

So, what say we talk about nails today? I love good nails, I think they are incredibly what’s the way to better nails? One..Do Not Bite your nails…you ruin them and just think how unhygienic it is! When you cut your nails, cut straight across and then file it with say, an emery board so that it’s smooth and there are no snags. Shoes matter, so if you don’t wear well-fitted comfortable shoes you could damage your nails. For all those people into sports, remember to wear high absorbency cotton socks…say from one of the sports brands like Nike or Adidas. This helps protect you from feet from bad odour and fungal infections since it wicks away the sweat better. And for people who love to swim remember to wear flip flops at the pool because the poolside is often an area where you could pick up skin infections that affect your nails. If your nails change colour and turn brown or black, you should think of seeing a doctor because it could be a fungal infections..and those take a while to treat. Last…this isn’t going to make many people happy, but it has to be said. Be careful with manicures and pedicures at parlours. They are often an area where you could get nail infections since many places don’t really sterilise everything they use for the nails. If you can, buy and take your own set and get them to use it. Also the less chemicals the better. Try going nail polish free every few days..least so that your nails get a chance to recover. You could use supplements like biotin to help you get stronger ,better nails. That’s it for today! See you next time!

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