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EAT YOUR Way To Fabulous skin

EAT YOUR Way To Fabulous skin

Hello my lovely people! This is Dr.Betsy and you are with me on my happy skin, your one-stop place to getting your skin look its best!

Talking about tea, are there foods that could get your skin to do better? Actually Yes!

Make sure you take foods that have a lower glycemic index. This means avoid carbohydrate rich food like white rice, pasta, bread and sweets..or at least eat them in moderation. Get more berries into your diet…strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are great. Fish containg healthy fats like salmon and tuna are found to help you have better skin. Nuts are great too with almonds and walnuts leading the list. There are a lot of recent worry about dairy…perhaps you can stop drinking that extra glass of milk. Researchers have found links between milk and acne primarily due to the hormones in it. I’d say that while yoghurt is great, perhaps milk isn’t so much! Other food which seem to have a magical effect on skin include avocado, walnuts and pomegranates. Oils like olive oil and Coconut oil are supposed to be great for your skin!

Scientists find that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest for your skin. So next time you decide to eat out, why not pick a Greek one?

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