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AntiAging skin care tips

AntiAging skin care tips

Who doesn’t want to look less tired and more vibrant? Sometimes it’s not all about looking younger..its also about looking refreshed and rejuvenated. That’s why the focus in good dermatology is often not so much on anti-aging but doing it gracefully.

Let’s just look at some ways we could give our skin a bit of extra care that would help it look fresh and also slow down the signs of aging that trouble you.

Like always, be gentle when applying anything on your skin. I’m not a fan of heavy face massages or facials where I am not sure of the ingredients. I know that the skin on the face is the earliest to show signs of aging so why would you want to rub away at it and affect its natural elasticity?

Moisturizing is essential especially if you have dry skin. People with oily skin are a tad luckier here because they have natural anti-wrinkle skin moisturizing from the oil they produce!

Also, a good sunscreen can protect your skin from harmful damaging sun rays. Eat well!

Dehydrated skin is never a good thing, so remember to drink enough water… considering the heat in places like the UAE.

And of course, there are so many amazing products in the market. Retinol creams help reduce collagen-damaging enzymes in the skin from sun-exposure, and stimulate production of more skin collagen.So, use a night cream with retinol. Other good ingredients you should look for are alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, hyaluronic acid and peptides. All of them help in a small way.

For people who really want to do something more for their skin..there’s lots of treatment available. We have Platelet rich plasma or PRP, fractional lasers, Chemical peels and of course the trusted fillers and botox. But that’s for another day and you really would need to check with your dermatologist on what works best for you!

That’s it from me today. See you soon!

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